Dortmund let their chance of a Bundesliga title slip

The Final Whistles

Dortmund had the chance to win the Bundesliga title this season but threw it away after tying against Mainz 05 2-2

Borussia Dortmund players sitting on the field after tying with Mainz 05 and loosing the Bundesliga title
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A couple of games ago Borussia Dortmund took the lead in the Bundesliga and it was up to them to maintain things this way. Having only a two points lead over their rivals Bayern Munich they needed to win every remaining game.

It all came down to the last date to decide the winner. Dortmund faced Mainz 05 while Bayern’s game was going to be played against Köln. With both teams playing at the same time, everything was on the line.

Dortmund vs Mainz 05

The match quickly turned the wrong way for Borussia. With 15 minutes into the game, Andreas Hanche-Olsen scored for Mainz. This was already changing the faces of everyone. Things looked better as Borussia was granted a penalty (19′). The bad news for them was that Sébastien Haller wasn’t able to score it.

The match continued with both teams looking very level. However, the balance changed even more with a goal from Karim Onisiwo, giving Mainz the 2-0 lead (24′).

In the second half, the BVB came looking stronger with hopes of taking control of the game once more. Slowly but steadily they did so. Raphaël Guerreiro scored the first for Dortmund (69′). Things got a lot more complicated but managed to tie the game on the 90′ + 6′ minutes thanks to Niklas Süle.

They got the point thanks to the tie but that meant they relied on the result of Bayern’s game to win the league.

Bayer vs Köln

Bayern came out strong knowing the goal was to win at all costs if they wanted to have any chance of winning the league. With minutes into the game, Kingsley Coman scored and gave the advantage and hopes to Bayern.

Things didn’t look as if they were going to change, but in the 81st minute, Dejan Ljubičić tied the game with a penalty. With the minutes still running the hopes of the champions were slowly fading away with each minute it passed.

However, like a hero without a cape came Jamal Musiala, and with an astonishing kick from outside the box gave the lead and victory to Bayern. The player quickly ran to see what the score had been in Dortmund’s game to find that they were Bundesliga champions once more.

How many more years will Bayern Munich dominate the Bundesliga?



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