Manchester City claims the UCL title and the Treble for the first time

The Final Whistles

After a very intense and fired-up Champions League Final in Istanbul, Manchester City took the cup home with a 1-0 victory over Inter Milan.

Manchester City team celebrating their first Champions League title that was won in Istanbul on the 2022/23 season

Istanbul was the scenario for one of the most thrilling matches of the season. Man City and Inter faced each other looking to claim the title of European Champion. Both teams had to pass through many difficult opponents to get to this point: Bayern, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, and many others.

Manchester City stakes

City came into this match looking to win their first Treble, their first Champion League and to seal one of the best seasons in their history. One of the best teams in the world right now with some of the best players in it. Pep Guardiola looking to win the Treble with his second team.

Inter Milan stakes

Inter was looking to win their fourth Champions League and being one step closer to getting the number of Champions League titles on their sleeve. They didn’t have a great season back in Italy, but in Europe was a different story.

Match Highlights
First half

The game was not appropriate for persons suffering from pressure problems. From the start of the match, both teams were giving everything to win. Just at the start, both teams committed several errors, but mainly Manchester.

The face of all the Manchester City fanatics changed when Kevin De Bruyne had to be subbed out due to an injury. Phil Foden came to replace him trying to fill that gap. This and all the errors committed due to Inter’s high-pressure was looking like City didn’t have any advantage.

Second half

The second half came just as nerve-racking as the first half did. With less than 10 minutes into it, Edin Dzeko had to abandon the match with an injury. Romelu Lukaku took his place.

Both teams started creating more chances. Lautaro Martínez came with the chance, then came Rúben Dias, but non finished with a goal.

Then came another Man City play. Bernardo Silva missed and many players thought the ball had gone out. However, Rodri Hernández wasn’t going to take any chances, and with a missile into André Onana’s net scored the first goal for Manchester. This gave them the lead and the calmness they needed.

City started to play a more reserved game, trying to have the ball more than what they attacked. Meanwhile, Inter stepped up their game trying to tie the game.

Romelu Lukaku had the clearest for Inter with a header that he sent straight to Ederson.

As the minutes faded for the Italian team they started to push more and more, but City wasn’t going to let them take this chance away.


Pep Guardiola became the first manager to win two trebles in the history of soccer, Erling Haaland has added another point to his Ballon d’Or race, and the entire Club became Champions for the first time.

During one of the interviews Pep had after the match he said “Madrid should not be complacent, we only have 13 more to go” making a joke, but letting everyone know they wanted more.

How will you qualify this Manchester City season?



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