Max Verstappen breeze to Spanish Grand Prix Victory

The Final Whistles

Max Verstappen wins his third consecutive race after dominating the track at the Spanish GP since the beginning.

Max Verstappen lifting his Spanish GP trophy while Lewis Hamilton sees him from the second place podium and claps

Verstappen goes to show why he is the current world champion once again after achieving his third Grand Slam of his career. With complete superiority to the rest, Max has put more ground between him and his teammate Sergio Perez.


This qualifying Saturday has been one of the strangest we’ve seen this year. Many of the favorites suffered technical problems leaving them without a chance of Pole.

Charles Leclerc was eliminated in Q1 after a very disappointing and terrible Saturday. He ended P19 but started from the pitlane on Sunday due to modifications. Afterward came Sergio Perez. In Q2 he went outside the track and into the gravel and suffered damage to the floor of his car. This cost him many seconds and wasn’t able to pass to Q3. Fernando Alonso was another one that suffered damages to his floor in Q1 but managed to get to Q3.

Max dominated Q1, Q2, and Q3 setting the fastest lap in each one of them. Carlos Sainz got his best start so far this season, P2. The big surprise was Lando Norris who qualified P3.

Race Day

Sunday came, the most awaited day of any race week. Max Verstappen on pole, Carlos Sainz on the front row with him, Sergio Perez trying to recover from Saturday, Charles Leclerc starting from the pit lane, and every driver trying to get as many points as possible.

The race was on its way, Max and Carlos fought wheel to wheel into Turn 1 but Verstappen opened the gap between them right at the exit of that turn. This “fight” with Sainz was the only time that Verstappen was challenged for first place.

Lando Norris

Lando Norris, who had a very promising race, suffered some damage from a minor collision he had with Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race. This forced him to make an early pitstop that cost him the position.

Sergio Perez

Checo started to overtake cars one at a time making a solid recovery. He managed to get to the tail of Goerge Russell that was P3. However, thanks to the improvement made to the Mercedes and the difficulties the track presents to overtake, Perez was unable to move any further. He finished fourth, which is a very good position but not if he has hopes of winning this year’s Drivers Championship from Max.


Mercedes saw their first double podium of the season with Hamilton and Russell finishing P2 and P3 respectively. With this, and thanks to the result of Aston Martin’s drivers, they have moved to second place in the Constructors Championship.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin didn’t have a pleasant Sunday as they have been having recently throughout the season. However, on a positive note for Lance Stroll, he managed to finish in front of Fernando Alonso for the first time this season. Stroll and Fernando finished P6 and P7 respectively.

Max Verstappen

Now, the man of the moment, Max Verstappen. After having a relatively comfortable drive around the Barcelona track he finished P1. He had an advantage of 24 seconds over Hamilton. Just as the race was ending he managed to get the fastest lap as well. This means that he completed his third Grand Slam and first of the season. He now sits 53 points ahead of Perez in the Drivers Championship.

Can someone make Max Verstappen suffer this season?





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