Mourinho has been charged after he abused a UEL match official

The Final Whistles

UEFA has charged Jose Mourinho after a video showed him verbally abusing a match official from the UEL final.

Jose Mourinho looking disappointed after being sanctioned for his actions in the UEFA Europa League (UEL) against a match official

This past Wednesday 31st of May Sevilla and Roma found themself battling for the Europa League title. Sevilla, who had won all 6 Europa League finals they have been to, and Mourinho, who had won all European Finals he’s taken his team. One of these records had to be broken.

The match turned out to be a very heated game. Anthony Taylor, the head referee, painted both teams, giving 14 yellow cards. The match ended on a penalty shoot-out where Sevilla dominated Roma 4-1. However, during the match, Jose got very fired up and insulted a match official. Unfortunately for him, it all got recorded.

“It was an intense, masculine, vibrant game with a referee who seemed Spanish. It was yellow, yellow, yellow all the time” stated Mourinho after the match

Meanwhile, much controversy was built around the match and how Taylor managed some critical plays. This got Roma’s fans very angry and in the airport, they harassed Taylor and his family as they were trying to get back home. Therefore, airport security had to intervene and escort them to their plane safely.

UEFA decided to sanction Roma’s fans for their actions claiming there were “acts of damages”, but there weren’t the only ones. On the other hand, Sevilla’s supporters also got a sanction because as their team managed to score the final penalty they invaded the field to celebrate with the players.

What do you think about Jose Mourinho’s attitude during and after the match?






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