The Green Cards are finally introduced for the VNL Finals

The Final Whistles

The Green Cards will be introduced for the first time in an international volleyball competition in the Volleyball Nation League (VNL) Finals.

Fairplay Green Cards Volleyball for the Volleyball Nation League VNL Finals

The green cards are a way of rewarding fair play moments during the match. During this test on the VNL Finals, the green cards are going to be shown to players that make a block touch or a net touch and admitted without the need for a video revision. The intention of this is to speed up the game decreasing the amount of time wasted on video challenges.

The test will be conducted during the entirety of the women’s and men’s VNL 2023 Finals. Above all, the best news for the teams is that they will receive a recompense. The team with the most cards will win a total of USD 30,000.

This will be the first time an volleyball international competition implemented this system. However, this system is already being implemented in Italy’s and Bulgaria’s domestic leagues. In those leagues, the rule has helped to reduce the time, hopefully, it does the same in this international scene.

If the test ends up being positive, it’s likely we will see this system being implemented in all future competitions.

What are your thoughts on this new green card system?



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