Marileidy Paulino takes gold in the World Athletics Championships

The Final Whistles

Marileidy Paulino took home the golden medal for the Dominican Republic in the World Athletics Championships.

Marileidy Paulino with the World Athletics Championships golden medal and the Dominican Republic Flag after winning in 2023

This edition of the World Athletics Championship celebrated in Budapest had Marileidy Paulino as one of the favorites to win the gold in the 400m run. With Sydney McLaughlin-Lebrone out of the competition due to an injury, the Dominican had one opponent less to worry about.

Looking for her first solo gold medal, Paulino came here to show all the training she’s been doing. After only being able to get the silver medal in previous competitions this gold was what she wanted.

Marileidy went for a very steady race. It wasn’t until the last 100m that she changed her pace and took the lead over her Polish counterpart. This was more than enough to get the victory and the gold medal with a time of 48.76.

At the end, the podium was:

  1. Marileidy Paulino (48.76)
  2. Natalia Kaczmarek (49.57)
  3. Sada Williams (49.60)

With this time the 26 athlete became the first Dominican woman to win gold in a world athletics stage joined only by Félix Sanchez in the Men’s category. This also became Marileidy Paulino’s personal best time and the best time for the Dominican Republic.

Marileidy Paulino now sits on the train with the next stop being the Olympic Games.

What other achievements is Paulino going to get for her country?



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