Novak Djokovic takes the Cincinnati title over Carlos Alcaraz

The Final Whistles

Novak Djokovic takes home the Cincinnati title once again after beating Carlos Alcaraz in the 3rd set of the game.

Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz in the Cincinnati Masters podium after Djokovic defeated Alcaraz in the third set

After Carlos’ victory at Wimbledon over Djokovic everyone was waiting for the next time they were going to meet. People didn’t need to wait long since the Cincinnati Masters final was between the two of them.

This tournament was full of challenges not only from other players but also from the weather. Cincinnati registered temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the entire week. However, this didn’t stop the number one and two seed of the ATP Ranking on their road to the final.

First set

Novak Djokovic came looking for revenge after what happened in Wimbledon. The game started with Djokovic on the gas, getting the set 4-2. Alcaraz quickly responded and managed to tie the set (4-4). From that moment on Carlos got control of the set and won it 5-7.

Second Set

Carlos Alcaraz retained control during the beginning of the second set as well getting a 2-4 lead over Djokovic. However, Novak quickly got himself back up into the game and started to make things a lot more difficult for the Spaniard. He managed to tie the set (4-4) and from that moment onwards things got very intense. The set had to be decided on a tiebreaker where no one wanted to leave anything behind. After going 7-7 into the tiebreak Alcaraz committed two errors that gave the set to Dojkovic (7-6 [7]).

Third set

On the third set, things were very even between the two. It wasn’t until Novak Djokovic took the lead (5-3) that people started to think things might get resolved faster than expected in this set, but they were in for a treat. When the set was 5-4 and battling for that point both of them were even with 40 points. With more than 4 advances the game was still going with each one defending the advance the other made. In the end, Alcaraz managed to get the job done setting the set 5-5. Yet another tiebreaker was forced and once again they were both fighting with all their might. after many points, an error from Carlos Alcaraz ended up giving the set and the Game to Novak Djokovic.

This final took 3 hours and 49 minutes, becoming the longest best-of-three-sets final in the ATP Tour history.

With his revenge from Wimbledon completed Dojkovic got his 95th career trophy. In the moment of the victory, he tore his shirt apart in excitement.

Who will finish first in the ATP ranking at the end of the season?



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