Singapore GP streets were dominated by Carlos Sainz this week

The Final Whistles

The Singapore GP streets were completely dominated by Carlos Sainz ending Red Bull’s winning streak and becoming a 2 times Grand Prix winner.

Carlos Sainz celebrating his victory in the 2023 Singapore GP with his entire team after ending Red Bull's winning streak

During the Singapore GP qualifying session, we had some surprising and terrifying moments, here is a recap of what went down on Saturday.


With cars improving in the last lap of Q1, Lance Stroll had a massive crash after losing control of the car. He crashed into the wall at high speed and completely wrecked the car. Thankfully, Stroll was able to walk out of the car.


During Sergio Perez’s last lap, he spun around and lost any chance of passing to the next round. On the other hand, we had Max Verstappen, who had a terrific last lap and got eliminated by Liam Lawson pushing Verstappen to 11th place. This was the first time in the season both Red Bulls were eliminated in Q2.


With around 7 minutes left on the clock, the two Ferraris were locking a temporary front row with Carlos Sainz in provisional pole position. Both Ferraries were able to maintain the position in the last lap for a while. However, just as things were ending, George Russell took the second place from Charles Leclerc.

Sainz remained on pole, becoming a back-to-back pole position for him.

Race Day

No time to waste Sunday arrived and it was expected a lot of action would come with it. With both Red Bull drivers outside the top 10, Carlos Sainz on Pole, and many more looking to win this race, the Singapore GP was going to be a thrilling one.

It was lights out and Charles Leclerc quickly took second place from George Russell. Sergio Perez and Yuki Tsunoda had a minor collision however it meant the end of the Race for the Japanese driver.

Couple laps afterwards,Logan Sarteng found himself in the wall and forced a safety car many used to pit. The two Ferraris pitted with Carlos Sainz having a good pit stop. However, Leclerc’s pit stop was of 5.7 seconds due to traffic. This made him lose the position to Russell once again. Charles asked his engineers what happened and they responded: “We had to hold you for traffic”. In an attempt of taking the lead and recover some positions neither of the two Red Bulls entered the pits. The move didn’t worked as planed since Max Verstappen ended behind Sainz anyway.

With Verstappen and Perez on very old hard tiers they became easy targets for the rest of the field. Russell to the position from Verstappen and at the same time Lando Noris took the position from Perez.

The Singapore GP didn’t have enough victims yet and wanted more. Esteban Ocon suffered an engine failure bringing with it a Virtual Safty Car.

On the final laps, Carlos was keeping Norriswithin the DRS zone so he could defend from George who was coming very fast for both of them. With a podium in hand, Russell touched the wall and lost control of the car in the last lap at turn 11 and ended in the barriers.

Thanks to his tactical awareness, Carlos Sainz won the Singapore GP!

This has become the first non Red Bull victory in the entire season. As well, this became Liam Lawson first F1 career points finishing 9th.

Is this the end of the Red Bull dominance?






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