The 2030 World Cup will be hosted on three different continents

The Final Whistles

The 2030 World Cup will be hosted in Europe, Africa, and South America to celebrate the World Cup’s 100th anniversary.

The 2030 World Cup trophy and a ball of a past edition of the World Cup

This Wednesday FIFA was able to reach an agreement between the continental leaders of Europe (UEFA), Africa (CAF), and South America (CONMEBOL). We would have 6 nations, a new record for the competition.

Spain, Portugal, and Morocco are the three countries initially supposed to host this edition. However, due to the fact that this is going to be the 10th anniversary of the World Cup, some additions have been made. The initial countries are still going to be the only ones with the hosting rights. Nonetheless, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay are going to host some of the initial games celebrating the anniversary.

The first World Cup was hosted in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Centenario Stadium had the honor to see the greatest players of the time compete against each other. This is why FIFA has agreed to celebrate the initial part of the cup back at its origin.

The 2030 World Cup could mark the beginning of multi-continent World Cups, being the first of its kind.

There’s still need the formal approval from the 211-member federation. This would occur next year in their next meeting. However, this would be more a formality than anything else since it’s more than likely it’ll be approved.

If everything goes to plan, Morocco is going to become the second African nation to host a World Cup. A great achievement for the country that comes after two great appearances in the 2018 and 2022 editions.

Many thought this bid was going to be changed or eliminated after Rubiale’s scandal, but we can see it didn’t affect at all.

Is it a good idea to have so many countries as hosts?







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