FIFA added time policy won’t be used in UEFA’s competitions

The Final Whistles

UEFA won’t implement the FIFA added time policy seen in the 2022 Qatar World Cup last winter to stop time wasting.

UEFA Champions League match while talking about the new FIFA extended added time rules

To reduce time wasting, FIFA has been implementing a new policy in their international competitions where referees add most of the time wasted during the games as extra time. The Premier League has also started to try this format this season. However, it hasn’t been well received. Many players are complaining about it, like Kevin De Bruyne who claimed they are playing more games when you add the extra minutes.

During the UEFA briefing on refereeing issues the chief of football, Zvonimir Boban, cataloged this time policy as ‘absurd’. He is very concerned about the Welfare of the players. Boban stated: ‘Regarding player welfare, it’s some kind of small tragedy or big. tragedy. He backed this saying: ‘We are adding almost 12, 13, 14 minutes, we are adding almost one half’.

Boban wasn’t the only one to speak about the FIFA added time policy. UEFA head of referees, Roberto Rosetti, Highlighted that in the UCL games last season the actual playing time was 60.07 minutes. The league with the most playing time last season was the Premier League. They only managed to get 54.46 real playing time.

On the other hand, football’s rules-making panel, known as IFAB, wants all domestic leagues to implement this policy.

Do you think this is the best way to resolve the time-wasting problem in football?







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